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    Default Planting living lettuce?

    I found a great produce. It's called living lettuce. If you haven't heard or seen it, it's butter lettuce with the roots still attached. You keep it in the container it comes in, water it ever few days, and remove the leaves as you need them. It's the greenest and best tasting lettuce for sandwiches that I've had in a long time.

    My question is, since it has the roots attached, can I plant it? and how could I plant it?

    By the way, the living lettuce I get is grown in water (I can't remember or spell the word) and I get it at Aldi for about a $1.
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    Default Re: Planting living lettuce?

    Since it was grown in water, I don't know how well the roots would transition to growing in soil. It can't hurt to give planting it a try; maybe waiting until you're about 3/4 done harvesting leaves from the existing head. Lettuces have shallow roots, so you won't need to plant very deeply.

    Lettuces are very easy to grow from seed in containers - you can either sow seeds more thickly and just cut the leaves small, or plant several seedlings from the garden center together in a single pot and harvest larger leaves the way you are with the living lettuce.

    Good luck!


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